Nora the Virtual Therapist is a self-help platform in the form of an emotionally intelligent virtual agent that simulates meeting with a therapist or counsellor.

Through dialogue and exercises, she will understand your situation and give you advice and insights. Nora can also make initial screenings related to depression, anxiety, and stress.

What you can expect

Before the Conversation

  • computer Use Chrome. Nora is currently only optimised for the Google Chrome browser.
  • videocam Allow access to microphone and camera. Nora will request access to your microphone and camera. Please grant access to both. Full screen mode is adviced.
  • weekend Relax and be yourself. Try to articulate clearly and speak naturally. You are ready to begin.

During the Conversation

  • security Privacy. All conversations with Nora are 100% private and confidential.
  • textsms Conversation. The first session will be an intake session. Nora will ask several personal questions to figure out what's bothering you. She then assists in stress management.
  • language Language. Nora currently only speaks English. More languages will follow!

After the Conversation

  • equalizer Personalised advice. After the conversation, Nora will show you a session overview including insights and advice.
  • content_paste Personality analysis. Nora will also present her analysis of your personality through visual graphics, and help you understand yourself better.
  • trending_up Track mood. You can log and track your mood over time to get new insights and discover mood triggers.

Why talk to Nora

  • person
    Personalised experience.
  • Understand yourself better through discovery and readings.
  • trending_up
    Mood tracking.
  • Visualise your mood changes. Nora tracks your mood and stress level over time. Connect with Google Fit to see how your activity level relates to your mood.
  • public
    Connect to people like you.
  • Nora can connect you to people in similar situations, allowing you to anonymously talk to others and be understood much better.